Rapoport's Rewards loyalty program was created with our customer in mind as our way to thank you. We want to reward our guests for their continued loyalty to ALL of our restaurants:Deck 84, Burt & Max's and Prezzo! Rapoport's Rewards is not valid at Max's Grille. Find more information on their rewards program at

For every $500 spent at our restaurants, loyalty members will receive a $30 reward that may be used during a future dining experience at any Rapoport's Restaurant Group location.


$1 = 1 point, the more you dine the more you earn!


Start earning points today! If you do not have a Rapoport's Rewards card, simply visit any Rapoport's Restaurant Group location and ask your server to get you started.



The Perks





How To Check Your Current Reward's Balance:

1.) You are able to obtain this balance at Burt & Max's, Deck 84 and Prezzo.

2.) OR email your card number to arudolph@rapoportsrg.comSubject line: Balance

Note: Your rewards card number is the long number on the back of your card.


How To Combine Multiple Cards:

Email all of the card numbers to arudolph@rapoportsrg.comSubject line: Combine Cards


Do you have an up-to-date rewards card? Here's how to check:

1.) Check the long number on the back of your rewards card.

2.) If the number starts with 2007 or 002007 you have a valid rewards card that can be used at our restaurants.

3.) If the number starts with 5022 you have an outdated rewards card that is inactive. Please then email this card number to with your mailing address so we can mail you an updated card which will have your previous balance transferred.



Questions or comments? Please contact us by phone at 561-826-1791 or by email.