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The Woman Behind the Mural

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If you’ve dined at Deck 84 in the past month you might have noticed an artful new addition to our southwest entrance. A newly hand-painted mural showcasing a sailboat on the water and colorful sunset welcomes guests as they depart from valet and head to the inside hostess stand. Created by local artist, Paige Swartz, there is meaning behind the mural. A former Deck 84 bartender, Paige gets to leave her mark on the very place that she spent seven years working, meeting great people and creating lifelong friendships.

With so many beautiful places and interesting people in Florida, Paige finds inspiration for her art everywhere. She keeps a ‘art ideas’ notebook on her at all times just in case she might find something or someone that inspires her.

It wasn’t until recently that she decided to dive back into this passion she had as a child. It all started with a pencil drawing of her parent’s beloved family pet that had recently passed six years ago. Several portraits later, she decided to try her hand at painting and has been actively painting for two years now. She gravitates to realism and pop art but loves to experiment with different styles and techniques. Her current style of choice is acrylic and oil paints but explained to us, “I am always trying out new mediums. That’s my favorite part about being an artist, there are no limits.”

You can find another custom mural by Paige a few blocks from Deck 84 on the wall surrounding the outside bar of Hurricane Bar & Lounge. She is always currently working on another piece at a local restaurant that she’s keeping under wraps. Be sure to follow her on social for updates!

Paige’s artwork is available for purchase on or message her on Instagram


By Ruben Ubiera @urbanruben on instagram!

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